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Everyone knows that when we procrastinate, we just can’t make up our mind about what action to take. Sometimes, indecisiveness is because we feel ANXIETY based on past negative experiences and we are afraid that they are going to be repeated. At other times, it’s because we WANT MORE information before making a decision to make sure that we have a positive experience. Some people want that positive experience to be SO PERFECT that they’ll stop themselves from taking action if they perceive there could be a danger of it not being GOOD ENOUGH. Does any of this sound like you?

Procrastination involves more than not taking action. It can increase stress, interfere with our memory, create irritability, lower our self-esteem, decrease confidence, and increase self-doubt.

What is really going on behind this inner conflict? When we procrastinate, our mind is assessing the situation consciously or unconsciously for what risk is involved, and it can feel safer to freeze. To put it another way, this should I or shouldn’t I debate that we’re having in our own head is like putting our foot on the gas pedal and brakes at the same time. When this happens, it’s no wonder that we don’t move ahead or as fast as we want.

Do you trust yourself to make a good decision? Are you overwhelmed with all the decisions that you have to make? Are there painful memories being triggered every time you think of doing something?

There are ways to take action on almost everything. First, let yourself accept that a certain about of procrastination can make you more successful if you are using good time management or business skills. Second, remind yourself that you can rarely have enough information for every scenario to guarantee success 100% of the time. Sometimes, you need to follow that gut feeling, have courage, and take a leap of faith. Finally, you can learn additional strategies to combat procrastination and get your subconscious working like a team player with your conscious mind with the help of an expert. The change can be rapid and transformational.


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