Do you have a fear or phobia? There are a lot more than you may have thought.  If you don’t see yours on the list below, I want to hear from you to add yours to the list. Please enter it in the Contact Form.

Phobia’s of Reptiles

Open or closed spaces
Speaking in Public

Giving Birth
Phobias of Animals
Success and/or Failure

Phobia’s of Insects & Spiders

Now, are you ready to eliminate conscious and subconscious fears?

If you have been carrying it around with you for a long time, then it has become a habit of thought. The mind likes what is familiar, so you’ll need help to dive into the subconscious to make what is familiar unfamiliar and create a new habit of thought that is empowering.

Imagine what your life is going to be like without this fear or phobia. Think of the new level of confidence that you will have after releasing it. 


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