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The Awakening


It is 3:00 a.m. and I'm feeling my way along a dark path as I walk toward one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Stonehenge, England.  I've come by myself from another continent.  Although I don't know a soul, it's comforting that I am not alone out here on this huge open space of land. I cannot make out the faces, but I feel the warm breathing of others mixing with the coolness of the night air.  It feels like a pilgrimage as thousands of us gather facing north-east in an ancient ritual of celebrating Summer Solstice.

A stranger asks, "Where are you from?"  "Canada," I reply.  "What made you come all this way for Summer Solstice?" she asks.  I dodge the question, because I had no idea how important tonight was before I came here.  If I told her the truth, she probably wouldn't believe it.  I blame James.  He made me mad enough that I booked a flight to England just three days ago.  He said, "Are you going to practice what you preach or let your ego get it the way?"  James is another Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner.  He knew that in a QHHT session with Diane, I had been in a deep state of hypnotic trance for almost four hours when the Subconscious voice said out loud:

"She needs to go to Stonehenge.  She needs to go there.  She studied it.  She knows it.  She needs to go there.  When she's there, she will just know what we want her to learn from the senses.  It's not the same as when she reads a book.  She has to be there to feel the energy.  She has to be at that place to know it.  We would like her to go now.  We can bring her resources, but she might talk herself out of going.  We will give her more resources to go there and make her an offer that she can't refuse.  She'll know why when she gets there."

When I heard this on the recording later, I sarcastically said, "Thanks a lot."  I had absolutely no desire to go to Stonehenge.  It certainly was not a place that I would have consciously chosen for going on a trip.  If I could have picked anywhere for a travel destination, why a bunch of rocks?  I was not happy with this subconscious choice and really wanted to pretend it never even happened.  But, then James knows how to push my buttons and made me mad.  So, for no logical reason and on faith alone, I am here and on Summer Solstice.  Coincidence?  Not likely.

I hear some people talking about the ring of stones positioned in line with the planets and significant times of the year like tonight.  They say Stonehenge is a school of astronomy that dates back to 2500 BC.  Sunrise will appear above the Heel Stone that stands just outside the circle to the north-east.  The only stone in its path is the Alter Stone.  Blue stones exist in the main sections of the circle and are said to have healing power for the wounded and the sick.  I weave in and out of people to visit each stone, gazing at what looks like green-blue moss on some of the rocks, but it isn't moss.  I touch it almost expecting to be transported in time to another place like Claire Randall in the epic, historical, love story Outlander, written by the brilliant Diana Gabaldon.

As my hands and body press against the heavy stones, I close my eyes and imagine how such stones could have come from so far away and been built in such a precise way on top of one another.  Were the stones moved by ancient survivors of Atlantis, who had the knowledge and ability to levitate?  Was Stonehenge built the same way as the pyramids?  In the Legends of Kings, there is a story that stones of magical influence were transported from Ireland to England by Merlin.  I hear some people laughing in the dark.  Someone says that the site has something to do with extraterrestrials.  From my own academic studies, I remember an ancient pulley system that could have lifted the large stones into position.  Mystery.

The sound of drumming and chanting brings me back to awareness.  It's 5:00 a.m. now and the crowd is getting louder, waiting for that moment, for that piece of validation that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.  I see men and women dressed in cloaks with hoods like druids, while some others wear ancestral clothing from their homeland.  A few sit in a circle meditating on the earth.  I see a couple making out by one of the large stones and the scene appears invisible to bystanders.  Someone sees me look and whispers loudly in my ear that the odds of conceiving on this night are greater.  The drumming gets more intense and I feel it in my chest.

The faint smell of weed hovers in the air, but bodies are too tightly wound together for me to identify the source of where it is coming from.  My mind drifts off to stories told by Dolores Cannon.  In one of her hypnosis sessions, a man talked about the villagers, who would gather at Stonehenge during ceremonies.  The story is that this site is the place where a portal appeared like a black hole, which would open for the villagers to time travel to other dimensions and other worlds.  At that time, Stonehenge was a place of peace, goodness, and love.  Later, the Norsemen invaded the village and killed people.  Some people hid in caves.  But, one priest stayed behind to try to make peace with the Norsemen.  Instead, the invaders took the priest to the center of Stonehenge and killed him over the portal, which contaminated the place with war and negativity.  It destroyed the positive energy and the place was never the same after that.  Villagers came back to the site and tried to dismantle the negative energy from taking over the world, by pushing down some of the stones.  To what degree is this story true?  Evidence of ancient remains at Stonehenge and a nearby village were found by archeologists in 2007.

As I stand here under the shadow of rock, I know that it would take superhuman strength to move these stones.  People are draped everywhere standing, sitting, laying on top, beside, and among these huge stones.  It's massively solid.  Lots of selfies are being taken and then it happens.  A glimmer of sunlight starts to rise from the earth and thousands of cheering voices cry out in unison.  For some people it might sound similar to the cheering you hear at the final playoffs of a football or hockey game.  But, not to me.  This is more powerful.  It is cheering for nature, for an astronomical marvel, and for the wonderment of all life.  I feel uplifted in a way that words alone cannot express.  Every one of my senses is electrified.  I'm grateful that I made the journey here.  It feels healing and magical.  In our individual human existence, we are so small compared to the universe.  But, for a moment we are awakened to a powerful energy within ourselves that connects all of us and in all directions in time.

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