Cynthia Fey Out of Towner Package

If you live more than an hour outside of Saskatoon, then you might want to combine your session with an enjoyable stay at the Four Points Hotel in Stonebridge, one of Saskatoon's newer developments in the city. The hotel has wonderful dining at Doc Hollandaise, a pool, and popular shopping centres within a short walking distance. These locations are just minutes away from your appointment. In addition, there is free Shuttle Bus service from the hotel to the Dakota Dunes Casino that often has various entertainment about 20 minutes out of town.

Since your appointment could take a couple hours, we want any travel companion(s) to enjoy their time waiting for you.  Find out what they enjoy doing and then tell Cynthia (e.g. going to the movies, museums, shopping, coffee houses).  This package can be modified and individually tailored to suit your needs to a certain extent.

Currently, this package only applies to the Four Points Hotel as the hotel is only a few minutes from your appointment location. The package is not transferable to you booking with other hotels in the city. If you are interested, ask Cynthia about this package and pricing when you have your consultation.


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