Personal development or hypno-coaching is different than any other hypnosis or coaching program that’s out there. It’s fast and effective. Take a look at this six week program that is tailored made just for you. 

Life Transformation Program

This goal-orientated program is beneficial to those who are looking for rapid change in numerous areas of their lives. It’s an extreme make-over and life upgrade.

If you follow the program, you can have everlasting change in just six short weeks. Here is what you receive: 

  • Make-Over Plan of Action
     (individually tailored to your needs)

  • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Sessions
     (three to four sessions depending on the number of issues you want to be free from or the type of peak performance that you are working toward)

  • VIP Coaching
       (weekly goal setting and working together with me throughout the six weeks)

  • Personalized Audio Recordings
       (four audios targeting each of your goal areas as added reinforcement)

  • Added Resources in your Target Areas

Why does this program work? 

Your mind loves what is familiar and will try to keep you from moving forward even if you consciously desire it. That’s why so many people fall off their diet or go back to their addiction. If you want to be successful at anything new, you need to work with the subconscious mind to make the unfamiliar familiar. This program is not just about positive thinking and motivation. This program will rewire your thought patterns to create new feelings that drive your actions in the direction that you want to go.

Life changes do not have to take a long time or be difficult. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy can bypass the hard part and give you that extra layer of support to get the freedom that you want. For more details contact Cynthia. 


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